Custom Tattoos

Masked Beauty

Floral Flowy Compass and Anchor Tattoo

Spilled Ink & Phoenix tattoo

Man & Beast

A Little Death

Batman, Superman, & Green Lantern Tattoo

Sugar Skull and Roses Tattoo

Marceline tattoo from Adventure Time

Roma tomatoes, garlic and garlic flowers, basil leaves and kalamata olives tattoo

Witch and Crow

Skulls, flowers, and sketchy illustrative veiny hearts

Creepy fawn covered in moss, mushrooms, and skeletal creatues

Ruby Succubus

Smoldering Fire Woman

Alice in Wonderland

Sinking Mistress

Hibiscus & Hummingbird

Ravens, skull jewelry and bloody filigree

Blue & Grey Ankle Flowers

Rose Coverup


Mermaid Backpiece


Joke Unicorn

Siamese Twin Crepstresses

Siamese Twin Creepstresses


Cute Octopus

Gypsy Heads

Girly leg tattoo

Zombie Mickey

Creepy Technicolor

Gilded Lady

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